Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend

Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend
Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend
Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend
Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend
Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend

Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend

Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Same-day dispatch by 2 p. Top brands - top ratings.

Premiergames pool table cover Premium 7-9 ft. 7 ft dimensions: 230 x 13 x 15 cm.

8 ft dimensions: 265 x 140 x 15 cm. 9 ft dimensions: 300 x 170 x 15 cm. For 7, 8 or 9 ft pool tables.

Premiergames Premium tarpaulin for pool tables. Water-repellent pool table cover tarpaulin. Particularly robust premium tarpaulin for pool tables.

The extra thick material offers protection from water, light, dust and bumps for both the playing surface and the frame. The waterproof but also air-permeable surface regulates the humidity under the tarpaulin. In this way, the table is particularly spared even when it is not used for a long time. Dimensions: 230 x 13 x 15 cm. Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 15 cm.

Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 15 cm. Color: Black You can find additional accessories for everything to do with billiards in our.

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Premiergames - Our Story - The slightly different company history. It all started in the late 1980s with darts and a small shop, born in the truest sense of the word from a crazy idea. Darts was booming in Münster at that time due to the many English soldiers who were stationed here. So the idea arose to approach this fascinating sport with one or the other cold-cup drink and digestive schnapps. So, we thought, let's do it ourselves.

Through contacts with the English and Dutch, there were quick connections to Unicorn and Harrows, two heavyweights in the darts sector even then, and sales could begin. It quickly turned out that not only the English and Dutch had fun with darts, but also the Munster and Westphalians. With that, the actual crazy idea went much faster than expected and the focus also changed. We wanted to give Allen interested in darts the opportunity to approach this sport without having to order it in England. Darts from Munster for Munster and the rest of the world. Has a little something about Pinky and the Brain and their attempt to gain world domination, if that tells you something, but we weren't that crazy after all. Nevertheless, the company grew out of its infancy very quickly and the next idea followed: In addition to darts, there are also other "pub sports" such as table football and billiards.

The demand was there and the relevant contacts were quickly made in Germany (German champions and ABF) and the USA (Olhausen). Retreat also took this direction and culminated in the fact that in Berlin and Leipzig, shortly after the fall of the Wall in the 1990s, billiard halls were equipped with up to 80 billiard tables. The store got bigger, there was a branch in Munich and everything could have gone on like this. Because that would have become too boring. The product range has been expanded to include the next big component, Boule & Petanque.

For all age groups, always in the fresh air and a glass of wine and cosiness should not be missing here. Here, too, there was rapid sales and the development into the largest boule specialist shop in Münster. The Internet - new territory? The next step was almost inevitable. We didn't want to sell cat litter, we wanted to bring our now over 20 years of experience to the Internet.

Why should only our shop and trade fair customers benefit from our know-how? Out with our knowledge, use our contacts and inspire the rest of Germany with darts and other "pub sports". The idea came to us over a delicious coffee on the canal.

All you need is a PC and you're ready to go, right? So we could always work from here in the café. An internet shop was set up quickly and so we could start. The expectations were high, and the results were rather modest at the beginning.

Quite often in the evening people were asked how many orders we had. Quite often there was the answer that there was more going on in the shop.

A small competition developed between the two companies, one shop, one internet shop. Often enough at the beginning with a better ending for the store, which of course frustrated us a little. We had to learn that a shop and internet trade are two very different things and that an apprenticeship is also required here. This didn't take three years like a "normal" apprenticeship, but we got the hang of it very quickly. To our own surprise, e-commerce grew so rapidly and at such rates that we had to pinch ourselves several times.

But curse and blessing are always related. Unfortunately, we hardly ever visit the café on the canal anymore.

The time does not exist. We never wanted to stand still. Sometimes we had to slow down in order not to take too big steps too early. It was precisely because of these internal corrections that there were no negative surprises, but rather healthy, steady growth. In the meantime (November 2018) the move to a larger warehouse with attached office space has taken place.

The little teething troubles that always come with a move and new challenges have been resolved and we are happy to have taken this step, but also proud to have made it. So for the next few years we are very well positioned in terms of infrastructure and can now focus exclusively on what we love to do best and are also very good at: Finding beautiful new items for our shop and our many existing customers, but also lots of new ones Offer customers a great offer.

Of course, we don't yet know how the development will continue. But we still have enough ideas and the steps will certainly not get any smaller. Customer service is with us great written. You can reach us Monday - Friday always between 9:30 a. If you have a problem with an article, but still have a question, or if you need replacement or additional material, we are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Simply register with our Service team and we will find a solution together. The dispatch takes place with and via DHL or GLS. This depends on the item size. Screw-on leather M8 10-pack 12mm cue.. Michael van Gerwen Darts Gift Set...

Billiard cue one piece 140 cm length Q.. Billiard cue one piece 100 cm children.. Top brands & top reviews.

We are happy to help you with any questions. Premier games is an online shop with a background of more than 30 years. Benefit from our experience and find your new favorite items in the areas of darts, boules and billiards.

Cover for pool tables 7 ft dimensions: 230 x 13 x 15 cm 8 ft dimensions: 265 x 140 x 15 cm 9 ft dimensions: 300 x 170 x 15 cm. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Snooker & Pool\Other Snooker & Pool". The seller is "premiergames-handels-gmbh" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom, European Union.

Premiergames Pool Table Tarpaulin Premium 7-9 FT Water And Staubabweisend